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Promoter and Organizer Mitjet Italian Series 2014

In 2014 AS Sport Service was the organizer and promoter of the Mitjet Italian Series, a great event was the presentation at Vallellunga, 25 Mitjet on the track. The validity of the Mitjet, rear traction without controls, racing car "hard and pure", wanted to marry glamor and worldliness. Not to mention sportiness, fun and agonism. The first event organized by AS Sport Service, with this spirit, has had great success and enormous resonance. A staff of ten high-class models, appointment at luxury restaurants and nightclubs, were the diversion for pilots. The format, same as the French series, four 20-minute races, split between pilot A (amateur) and pilot B (expert). Tests 50 minutes, 15 minutes qualifying. Final standings for Pilots A, Pilots B and Crew A + B. Other minor rankings for under 25 and over 50. A groomed village, bar and restaurant service, music in the evening, a famous dj in the race city, to complete the organization.






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